Is a Shih Tzu a good house pet?

Is a Shih Tzu a good house pet?

The Shih Tzu is a small lovable dog that has its origins in China. These dogs are known for their long flowing coats which can come in a variety of colors. Shih Tzus are bred to be companion dogs and they excel at this role. They are loving and playful and make great lapdogs. Though they can be independent at times they generally enjoy the company of their humans and do not like to be left alone for long periods of time.

shih tzu chien

Shih Tzu Chien

Shih Tzu dogs are a small breed of dog that originated in China. They are known for their long silky hair and their outgoing friendly personalities. Shih Tzus are generally good with children and other animals and make excellent companion dogs. They do require regular grooming however to keep their hair looking its best.

shih tzu puppies

Shih Tzu puppies

Shih Tzu puppies are a popular choice for many dog lovers. They are small affectionate dogs that make great companion animals. Shih Tzus are also relatively easy to train and are known for being good with children. These puppies typically grow to be between 9 and 16 pounds as adults.

What Are the Disadvantages of Shih Tzu? While Shih Tzus are one of the most popular breeds of dogs among pet parents they also prompt many concerns. One of the most important considerations you will need to make is if this breed is right for you or if you will just end up creating headaches for yourself and the animal.

Here is some information about some of Shih Tzu’s disadvantages so you can make the right decision: They shed a lot When Shih Tzus shed there is no containing it. Their loose hair goes everywhere in your house your clothing and on anyone who comes in contact with them. If you don’t want a lot of fur in your home you may think of choosing a different breed. They require regular grooming A lot of people think Shih Tzus are cute because they have long hair and their tails curl over their backs.

shih tzu price

Shih Tzu price

Shih Tzu price can vary greatly depending on many factors such as the quality of the breeder the bloodline of the puppy whether the puppy is show quality or pet quality and more. Generally, Shih Tzu puppies from reputable breeders cost anywhere from $600 to $2000.

shih tzu life span

Shih Tzu’s lifespan

The life span of a Shih Tzu is 10-18 years. The average life expectancy for a Shih Tzu is 14 years. Some Shih Tzu live to be 20 years old or more.

shih tzu for sale

Shih Tzu for sale

A Shih Tzu for sale may be a purebred dog or a mixed breed dog. A mixed breed dog is a cross between two different purebred dogs. The most common Shih Tzu for sale is the purebred dog which is also the most expensive. A mixed breed dog is often less expensive and maybe a better choice for some people.

shih tzu temperament

Shih Tzu temperament

Shih Tzu’s temperament is a combination of many things. They are lively alert and very loyal to their family. They are also very playful and make great companions. They can be stubborn at times but they are generally very easy to train. Shih Tzus are also very loving and affectionate dogs.

Due to their small size, they do not require much exercise. Shih Tzu dogs have a long history and were once considered the most valuable dogs on earth. They were owned by royal families such as the royal family of China the royal family of Tibet the royal family of Japan and even the royal family of England. Nowadays Shih Tzu dogs are still considered one of the most valuable dogs but they are more common as family pets.

Shih Tzu development and reproductions

The Shih Tzu is a small compact dog with a short nose and large dark eyes. They have a long silky coat that can be any color or combination of colors. Shih Tzus are known for being loving and affectionate dogs that make great companion animals.

Shih Tzus reach full maturity around the age of two years old. They typically have one to three puppies per litter. Shih Tzus are relatively low-maintenance dogs when it comes to grooming but their long coats do require regular brushing and combing to prevent mats and tangles from forming.

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