“It’s just summer, it’s normal to be hot”: video dismantles the ridiculous theory of climate deniers

“It’s just summer, it’s normal to be hot”: video dismantles the ridiculous theory of climate deniers

The current extreme heat wave has been dwarfed by climate deniers who speak of “just summer”. An explanatory video silences them.

A new video that becomes viral on social networks clearly shows the progressive increase in global mean temperature compared to the pre-industrial current of 1.3°C higher.

The animation, just over a minute long, starts from 1850 and comes to the present day, highlighting within a sort of “climate clock” (with months instead of hours) how temperatures have become increasingly hot, year after year, with a significant leap forward over the years the 1970s of the last century and an even more decisive one in the last twenty years. The hand weaves a sort of elegant canvas which at the end of the video gives life to a funnel chart explanatory and very simple to interpret, even for the most convinced climate deniers.

The video, developed and disclosed by Dr. Carl Nasman, a climate expert at the US television channel MSNBC, was accompanied by an ironic comment and the emoticon of a puzzled face. “It’s just summer”, Reads Nauman’s post, with clear reference to the posts of climate deniers who persevere in their obtuse vision.

All of us happened to find comments on the bulletin board on the fact that the unbearable heat we are experiencing comes from the simple fact that we are in summer, which has already done in the past very hot. Many, to substantiate their theory, have for example exhumed a newspaper clipping dedicated to a ‘heat wave that swept Europe in 1964. The self-evident error that these deniers make is to confuse the extreme peaks of the maximums reached by a heat wave and the long-term average temperature.

An increase in the global average temperature makes these extreme peaks much more frequent and further raises the bar; in simple words, the heat “hyperestremo” Registered in 2003 – to date the hottest summer – and this year will become the norm in a few decades, precisely because of global warming. What is still exceptional today will become ordinary tomorrow. And it will continue to get worse and worse if we do nothing, since the fault of all this is ours, due to the constant CO2 emissions (carbon dioxide) and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The increase in the average temperature in Italy compared to the pre-industrial era

The increase in the average temperature in Italy compared to the pre-industrial era

Why does Nauman’s video start from 1850? Because in those years the second was about to begin the Industrial Revolution the one linked to Petroleum which has caused greenhouse gas emissions due to human activities to grow dramatically.

The observed increase in global mean temperature parallels these emissions and will continue to grow. We are currently 1.3 °C higher than in the pre-industrial era, a value terribly close to the threshold of 1,5°C the (most virtuous) goal not to be exceeded written in black and white since the Paris climate agreements of 2015.

As numerous studies show, in fact, once this threshold is exceeded, the impact of global warming will be increasingly catastrophic and in many ways irreversible.

Sea level rises able to sink entire islands, regions, and metropolises underwater (also in Italy); destruction of ecosystems; loss of biodiversity con mass extinctions; extreme famines and droughts; diffusion of tropical diseases; new pandemics; atmospheric events e fire increasingly violent and devastating; mass migrations of people looking for land and resources to survive; global wars and so much more.

No wonder some scientists speak of the end of civilization as early as 2050 and “unspeakable suffering” for humanity.

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Global mean temperature increase. Credit: Met Office

Global mean temperature increase. Credit: Met Office

Yet we continue to deny, we continue to say that it is hot because it is summer, without looking at the data collected by thousands of distinguished scientists from all over the world that clearly show how the increase in temperatures has gone hand in hand with that of ours. CO2 emissions.

Nauman’s video is based on joint data from the With Office Britannicof the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) of the NASAdel National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) dell Agenzia National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the United Nations and numerous other authoritative global research centers, which keep track of temperatures recorded around the world over the past 160 years.

We are on the edge of the abyss and continuing to deny, not wanting to understand and above all not taking initiatives to protect ourselves, biodiversity and the environment no longer has any justification.

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