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1. Hero Veterinarian Dr. Matviichuk Risks His Life To Care For Animal Victims Of War-Torn Ukraine; Help ‘In Defense Of Animals’ Support His Courageous Efforts

In the middle of the unintelligible chaos, destruction, and broken heart that is currently happening in Ukraine due to Russia’s harsh strike on the country, plenty of heroes emerge. Among them is Ukrainian veterinarian Vladyslav Matviichuk D.V.M., that has bravely selected to remain to aid give essential support and also care for the pet victims suffering in Ukraine.
In Defense of Animals (IDA) has given Matviichuk with $ 5,000 USD to help address his scarcity of medication as well as equipment. They are remaining to increase funds to give additional assistance to Ukrainians that are aiding animals and also shared with WAN Dr. Matviichuk’s painful story.
WAN and Peace 4 Animals are making a matching $ 5,000 USD donation that will be sent to assist Dr. Matviichuk continue his life-saving job.
2. WAN Exclusive With ‘Paws Of War’ Which Is Helping Ukrainian Refugees, Pets, Strays & Farm Animals On The Borders & Inside Ukraine

The hands-on professional and also animal rescue company Paws of War is helping refugees in Ukraine as well as their pets locate safety as well as refuge after leaving the war-torn nation. WAN spoke in-depth with co-founder Robert Misseri concerning the several ways the impressive nonprofit is making a significant difference, not just for family members as well as their pet dogs, yet for strays and also farm pets.
Paws of War was developed in 2014 with the intent of assisting experts as well as initial responders with various animal-related issues, consisting of saving, training, and putting solution and assistance pet dogs with those in requirement.
While that remains to continue to be the primary focus of the organization, Paws of War has actually since advanced right into a multi-purpose-driven company with a host of services as well as special programs, such as its ‘War Torn Pups and also Cats’ campaign which rejoins U.S. military employees with the saved animals they found as well as bound with while serving in other countries.
3. Heartwarming News As A Critically Endangered Sumatran Rhino Is Born At The Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary In Indonesia

On March 24th, a seriously jeopardized Sumatran rhino calf bone was born at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary, Way Kambas National Park (SRS TNWK), in Lampung Province.
According to a declaration by the Ministry of Environment as well as Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia, Rosa, the mother of the newborn calf was expecting for 16 months, from December 2020 to March 2022.
The Sumatran rhinocerous is identified as critically jeopardized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Regretfully, many threats, including poaching as well as habitat loss, have brought them to the brink of termination. There are thought to be much less than 80 Sumatran rhinocerouses left in the wild, living in small, separated populations on the Indonesian islands of Sumatra as well as Borneo.
4. Endangered Species Act Protection Sought For Hippos After Multiple Undercover Investigations Show A Thriving Market For Hippo Parts In The U.S.

Wildlife protection teams recently sought the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to shield hippos under the Endangered Species Act. The lawful application was submitted by the Humane Society of the United States, Humane Society International, Humane Society Legislative Fund and Center for Biological Diversity.
One of Africa’s most identifiable species, the common hippopotamus, encounters a high-risk of termination and also is vanishing from the wild. With just as few as 115,000 adult hippos remaining in the wild in Africa, and increasing risks from environment loss and also degradation, poaching, and sell hippo components– teeth, heads, cream color, skin and also meat– the future of hippos is uncertain.
The extensive evaluation of profession included in the submitted petition shows that hippos are extremely searched for by investors, poachers, as well as trophy hunters for their ivory tusks and also other body parts.
5. The 2022 Spring Bear Hunt In Washington Has Been Cancelled This Year After The Fish & Wildlife Commission Voted Against It For The Second Time.

The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission elected 5-4 against a suggested 2022 spring bear-hunting season. The vote by the compensation, which supervises the state’s Department of Fish as well as Wildlife, is the 2nd pertaining to this year’s period. It follows an attempt by hunting teams to reverse the original November 2021 suspension of the search.
” This vote is a big win for both science and black bears, and also it will certainly shield bear cubs from being orphaned by a careless springtime quest,” stated Sophia Ressler, a team lawyer at the Center for Biological Diversity, in a declaration. “The commission once again told state wild animals authorities that they won’t accredit a hunt without an appropriate analysis of the hazards to Washington’s bears. We wish the wild animals agency in fact listens this time.”.
Prone black bears emerge from their dens in the springtime, struggling to gain weight after winter hibernation. This is especially challenging for mother bears that have to likewise feed their starving cubs. In previous years, Washington permitted seekers with a “unique license” to eliminate black bears throughout this time around.
6. Born Free USA & HSI Release New Undercover Investigation Revealing The Shocking Brutality Of Fur Trapping In The United States.

Born Free USA, in cooperation with Humane Society International, launched the outcomes of its shocking new undercover investigation subjecting the ruthlessness of animal capturing in the United States for the fur trade. The action comes at an essential time amidst worries that the UK government can be considering deserting a ban on vicious hair imports.
‘ Trapped: Exposing the Violence of Animal Trapping in the U.S.,’ adheres to an covert detective that came with three trappers in the area in Iowa in November as well as December of 2021, to witness just how animals are caught and also killed for fur and so-called “recreation.” Before that, he had attended the National Trappers Association convention in July and a state-sponsored “Trappers Education Course” in November.
” Trapped: Exposing the Violence of Trapping in the U.S. has two objectives: to document the fact of capturing, where sentient beings are brutally made use of, as well as lives are finished with such informal disregard and also absence of empathy. The goal of the investigation is to increase actions to bring an end to this terrible technique as well as its associated activities, including selling the skins of entraped pets for profit,” explained Will Travers OBE, co-founder as well as head of state of Born Free.
7. 21 Dogs From The Dog Meat Trade & Puppy Mills Are Rescued & Relocated From China To Canada By Lady Freethinker, World Of Angels Foundation & Rescue PAWS.

Girl Freethinker as well as partners scheduled 21 rescue dogs in Beijing, China, to be relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia. The flight, which reached Vancouver International Airport on Wednesday, March 16th, stands for a new lease on life for most of these animals that will certainly be joined with their adoptive families for the first time.
The pet dogs on the flight were rescued from alarming situations, consisting of the dog meat profession, pup mills, and also as strays. A litter of 5 young puppies, whose pregnant mom was conserved from being filled onto a dog meat vehicle, was amongst those on the aircraft. Guests additionally consisted of a schnauzer named Angie that was a puppy mill dog regarding to be sold to an abattoir. Many other dogs had been abandoned by their proprietors as well as were living on the streets.
Lady Freethinker kindly donated $43,400 to move the dogs from Beijing to Vancouver, in collaboration with World of Angels Foundation, which was housing the canines at its shelter in China. Rescue PAWS Canada has actually also been instrumental in finding these rescued pets a caring adoptive home.
8. Ecuador Votes To Recognize The Legal Rights Of Animals In The Constitution & Requires New Legislation To Be Drafted To Protect Them.

For the first time, the Constitutional Court of Ecuador has actually acknowledged the legal rights of nonhuman animals. The judgment not only elevates the legal standing of nonhuman pets under Ecuador’s civil liberties of nature, but also requires that brand-new regulations be composed to safeguard the rights of animals.
The court’s judgment was the outcome of a habeas corpus activity submitted by Ana Beatriz Burbano Proaño on behalf of Estrellita, a woolly monkey who had actually lived in her residence for 18 years. Ecological authorities had actually by force seized the monkey on the grounds that possessing a “wild animal” is banned by Ecuadorian legislation. Estrellita unfortunately died within a month of being transferred to a zoo.
Ecuador was the very first nation to consist of a legal rights of nature provision in its national Constitution. When the instance came before Ecuador’s Constitutional Court, the courts chosen to take into consideration several issues, including: the extent of the nation’s rights of nature arrangement; whether pets qualify as the topic of civil liberties; as well as whether Estrellita’s civil liberties were breached.
9. U.S. Court Strikes Down Second Ag-Gag Law In Iowa Deeming It Unconstitutional And A Violation Of The First Amendment.

Earlier today, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Iowa ruled Iowa’s 2nd Ag-Gag legislation, additionally called Iowa Ag-Gag 2.0, as unconstitutional, holding that the legislation breaks the First Amendment. It criminalizes covert investigations at agriculture, slaughterhouses, and young puppy mills.
The law, which resembles the state’s very first Ag-Gag statute, blocked cost-free speech by criminalizing undercover examinations at slaughterhouses, deterring the direct exposure of pet viciousness, unsafe working problems, as well as food security dangers at such facilities..
After the coalition was successful in striking down Iowa’s very first Ag-Gag law at the area court degree, the state squandered no time at all by passing Ag-Gag 2.0, creating the new criminal activity of “farming manufacturing facility trespass.” The second legislation outlawed the exact same investigative activities as the first, targeting a somewhat various form of speech essential to those examinations..
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