All About the Chinese Crocodile Lizard

All About the Chinese Crocodile Lizard

The Chinese crocodile lizard is a lizard that can be found in China and Vietnam. It is the largest species of crocodile lizard and it can grow to be up to 2 meters in length.

The Chinese crocodile lizard has a broad, flat head and small eyes. It has a long tail with scales that are covered with tiny spines on the back. Its color varies from light green to dark brown or black.

What is a Chinese Crocodile Lizard?

A Chinese crocodile lizard is a type of alligator lizard that is native to China. They can be found in the provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui.

The Chinese alligator lizard or the Chinese crocodile lizard has been around for about 100 million years, and it is estimated that there are about 3 million left in the wild today.

Though they are not considered dangerous, some people still feel threatened by them because their large size makes them look like a crocodile.

How to Care for Chinese Crocodil lizards?

Chinese Crocodile Lizard

It's easy to care for a Chinese crocodile, just follow these steps:

1. Pick up the croc and place it in a large plastic bin with a lid.

2. Fill the bin with water and leave it in the sun for an hour or two.

3. Use a spray bottle to mist the croc once every few hours or so, making sure that you don't soak them too much at once.

How to Build or Buy the Right Cage For Your Lizards?

It is important for you to have the right size and type of cage for your reptiles. Your lizard needs a space to hide and explore, but also a place to bask in the sun.

The size of the enclosure should be at least twice as long as the lizard’s body length and wide enough for it to turn around.

The right type of enclosure is one that has a secure top, so it can't be toppled over by your lizard or escape through any holes.

How Do I Take Care of My Chinese Crocodile Lizard For Years To Come

The conclusion of this article is that you take care of your Chinese Crocodile Lizard for as long as it lives. The article talks about how to feed, clean, and care for your pet lizard. It also provides a list of supplies you need to keep your lizard healthy.

Physical Description

Chinese Crocodile Lizard

The Chinese crocodile lizard is gray-brown with a yellow-tan underside and red-orange markings along its throat and sides. There are alternating light and dark bands that extend from the tip of its tail to its neck (S. Yao, 2006). Hatchlings are tiny, with a brown, tan head and two rows of scales on their tail. They give off an animal-like vibe!

These reptiles live in the desert, and it is commonly seen that males are larger and more colorful, unlike females who have a reduced level of color vibrancy during the breeding season.

CCRs are known to prefer flight over fight. They will jump into the water if it is possible to escape, using their powerful tail as propulsion tools. They can stay underwater for extended periods of time and will try to return once there is no immediate threat.

However, if caught, these snakes will go into a fit of violent struggle and hissing to free themselves from a predator's grip.

Native Habitat

Crocodile lizards are native to southern China and Vietnam, where they live in subtropical forests near freshwater ponds and slow-moving streams. They prefer to inhabit areas with dense vegetation, which offers them sufficient shelter and protection while they hunt for frogs, crickets, rodents, and other amphibians to eat.

Chinese crocodile lizards are native to elevations anywhere from 650 to 6,000 feet high in China and as low as 1,300 feet high in Vietnam. They find refuge during the colder months when water temperatures are 60 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

This species has been brought under local extirpation in a number of places and is now severely fragmented. In China, distances of 10km have been reported between clusters; other populations are still being discovered.

Food/Eating Habits

This lizard's ability to dive into the water and remain submerged for extended periods of time is a useful trait for escaping predators when hunting, but it also gives them an advantage in tracking prey. They eat insects, worms, and snails in the wild! That's amazing! You can find them in most temperate climates. They're not very common in colder climates.

Social Structure

Chinese crocodile lizards are territorial animals. They only allow one individual to live in a given location, usually a pond or stream.

Reproduction and Development

Chinese Crocodile Lizard

Lizards breed intensively in the summer, which is when colors look they're most vibrant. A  female lizard can give birth to 2-12 offspring, but the gestation period lasts for 9 months.

What makes Chinese crocodile lizards different from other species of crocodile lizards is that they give birth to live young and their babies are born precocial, meaning they can take care of themselves shortly after birth. Unlike other species, the parents do not care for the baby. The mothers do not give birth until they have reached sexual maturity. The babies are born with a fully developed eye, and a strong back and can begin moving within 30 minutes of delivery.

Sleep Habits

The Chinese crocodile lizard moves slower and spends more time still than other reptiles of its species. It may do this to conserve energy.

"Chinese crocodile lizard" is often used to refer to a reptile called the Chinese crocodile lizard. This species of lizard is able to sleep for hours at a time and have been called the "lizard of great sleepiness." This has led some indigenous peoples to believe that it can be used for insomnia curing.

To have an optimal life, these lizards will hibernate during the colder months of the year. When water temperatures drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, brumation begins and they can survive these months with relative ease. During brumation, this otherwise solitary species may congregate together in rock crevices and tree holes.


Many lizards can live for 10 or more years, but we don't know how long they live in the wild.

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