WATCH: Amazing Bond Between Harry The Koala And His Caretaker Goes Viral

Harry, a child koala from The Symbio Wildlife Park in New South Wales has actually fallen in love with his caretaker Tami Wilson, after a video of them playing together went viral.
Harry seems to have a very special bond with Wilson, as he runs down from his tree and jumps on her lap to welcome her each time he sees her. Harry can't get sufficient of his day-to-day tummy rubs and also cuddles.

Countless people from around with world have seen the heartfelt video of this unique loveable infant koala.
Harry was orphaned after his mom passed away unfortunately of leukemia and a surrogate koala mother would act as Harry's parent up until he obtains much more stamina and can survive on his own.
The koalas now reside in a new reproduction sanctuary of the wild animals park, which began in 2014. They have created the haven right into two large displays which have a great deal of room in order to house more koala households. It offers the koalas a natural environment where they're shielded due to their critical status as an endangered varieties.
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