Hooded mergansers are ducks that live in North America. They have a fanlike crest on their head, which is a lighter color than the rest of their body. Males typically have a white crest, while females usually have brown crests. This species typically breeds in Canada and spends winters along coastal regions in the U.S

Mergansers are birds that usually stay in the cold water of the North American continent and are known for their white fanlike crests. They live mainly in Canada and spend winters on the coastlines of North America. This article will give you a summary of all things merganser, from their breeding habits to where they go during winter.

Physical Description


The male has a black bill and yellow eyes. The male also has bright yellow feet. The chest is white with a black band going around it and the males have a slightly brown-ish body and tawny brown sides.

Females have a russet-brown head with a backward slanted crest that is smaller than the males. They have dusky brown backs with gray chests and sides. The female has an orange bill with black edges, while the lower bill is yellow, and the eyes are brown.


Hooded mergansers are one of the smallest bird species in North America. They can be anywhere from 41-48 centimeters long and weigh 9.9-15 grams. Males weigh about 2 pounds, and females weigh about 1.6 pounds. The hooded merganser is similar in size to the wood duck, but with a more slender body and narrower wings.

Native Habitat

American mergansers breed primarily in southeastern Canada along the Atlantic coast, the Gulf Coast, and to some extent California, Washington, and Oregon. In cold climates, these American mergansers migrate south along the East Coast of Asia. The deer spend a lot of their time near waterways and forests. They prefer shallow water, woodland streams, and marshes where there are trees where they can find cavities for nests.

Food/Eating Habits


Merganser dives deep for food, going after a fish, crustaceans, and aquatic insects.

Reproduction and Development

Hooded mergansers typically nest in hollow trees, tree cavities, and on the tops of tree stumps. They often spend most of their time around water. Unlike other types of ducks, Hooded mergansers will often nest right next to the water. Female birds are known for laying a decent number of eggs. Usually, between 10-12, they can incubate them for 29-37 days before their chicks hatch. Chicks that hatch this early & develop really well while they're still in the egg!

People also ask

What is the difference between a duck and merganser?

This is a question that many people ask when they see these two birds. But the answer may not be as easy as you think.

There are differences in appearance, but the main difference is in their diet and habitat. Ducks feed on aquatic plants and fish while mergansers feed on fish, insects, and other small animals that live in the water or on land.

Mergansers have a lot of feathers which makes them waterproof like ducks so they can swim without getting wet. They also have a sharp bill that helps them catch their prey underwater or on land.

Is a mallard a merganser?


A mallard is a type of duck that is native to North America and Europe. Merganser is a type of duck that is native to North America and Asia.

A mallard can be considered merganser because they are both water birds.

Are hooded mergansers rare?

Hooded mergansers are not rare. They are just hard to find. They live in the northern half of North America and Eurasia and can be found in freshwater lakes and rivers.

Hooded mergansers have a brownish-black head, a chestnut-colored back, and white underparts with a blackish tail. Their long, thin beaks are yellow or orange with a black tip.

How do you identify merganser?

The merganser is a common bird of the family Mergidae. They are mostly found in North America and Europe.

The merganser has a long, thin, blue-gray bill that is used for catching fish and diving underwater. They have a black head with a white band around the eye. The body is mostly white with black wing patches and back feathers. There are two dark lines that run from the eye to the top of the head on either side of the neck. The tail feathers are dark with white tips on them.

Identifying merganser can be difficult because they look similar to other birds like ducks, geese, and swans but they have some unique features that make them easy to identify as their own species. They have a distinctive white face and a blue-gray body that fades to white under the wings.

They also have a small dark patch of feathers near their eyes. The merganser is often considered an awkward bird because it has webbed feet and plumage (feathers) in places other than along the breast, as well as mostly blue-gray plumage.

The merganser is a medium-sized diving duck with mainly blue-gray plumage, a light brown patch on the head and neck, and a light brown wing stripe. The wings are long with pointed tips and the tail is moderately long, ending in a rounded tip.

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