FOUR PAWS Continues To Heroically Rescue Animals From War-Torn Ukraine, Including A 20-Year-Old Bear Named Vova That Was Held Captive At A Restaurant

Pictures by Svitlana Dmytrenko/ FOUR PAWS
International pet well-being organization FOUR PAWS has actually effectively saved as well as transferred a 20-year-old Ukrainian 'dining establishment bear' to its BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr near Lviv in Western Ukraine on March 23rd. FOUR PAWS was working on rescuing the brown bear, named Vova, given that last November, yet his fate was a court matter prior to the outbreak of the battle.
It seems he had to withstand all of his life in a little concrete cage near a lately refuted dining establishment in the Khmelnytskyi region, also in Western Ukraine. Vova was not damaged in the fire however his living problems and also safety became even more unstable after the dining establishment burned down. The good news is, his owner made a decision to launch him to the authorities willingly, lastly making his rescue feasible.
Although assaults have actually currently been reported in the west of Ukraine, the group at the bear sanctuary remains to offer the best feasible look after every one of its rescued bears, and the refuge continues to supply a safe place for bears in need.

The transfer of Vova to BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr was done by an external transportation partner. A neighborhood veterinarian went along with the transport vehicle to check on Vova's wellness.

" Vova has actually shown up securely at our shelter. We are happy that the authorities ultimately made his rescue feasible. Bears need to stroll about, dig, and also swim, not pace to and fro on the very same few square meters every one of their life," stated Magdalena Scherk-Trettin, that is in charge of bear projects at FOUR PAWS. "Vova's stereotypical habits reveals that he has actually been bored as well as incapable to endure any type of natural actions. Our group at BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr will certainly currently see to it Vova gets every one of the treatment he needs to recoup as well as live a species-appropriate, bear-worthy life."

Unfortunately, having bears secretive bondage is still legal in Ukraine, nonetheless, as a result of modifications in Ukrainian Law, keeping bears as well as huge pet cats for recreation and also home entertainment objectives ended up being illegal in November 2021. Because of this, Vova's keeping ended up being illegal as well as his destiny ended up being the topic of a court decision which the court denied twice.

After the war burst out in Ukraine, FOUR PAWS was spoken to by the authorities and were asked to take Vova right into their treatment asap.
At the start of March, BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr currently welcomed 7 bears from White Rock Bear Shelter near Kiev, which is run by the FOUR PAWS partner company Save Wild Fund, in an emergency transfer. As Kiev is greatly influenced by the battle, a local transport firm brought the bears to the FOUR PAWS shelter in the more secure western component of the nation.
BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr offers a short-lived home for four of the saved bears. The three others have actually considering that been moved to birth havens in Germany.

FOUR PAWS opened up BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr to produce a species-appropriate residence for bears rescued from cruel as well as devastating keeping conditions. A total amount of 34 bears, including new arrival Vova as well as the 4 recently moved bears from White Rock Bear Shelter, now survive the 20-hectare website.
4 PAWS is deeply concerned concerning the war in Ukraine, and also is carefully keeping an eye on the growths, specifically as strikes have actually been reported in the western part of the nation also. The team at BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr as well as the bears are currently safe and also doing well offered the scenarios.

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