Google Maps launches a green navigator, but it is not the only one: all the apps to travel without pollution

Google Maps launches a green navigator, but it is not the only one: all the apps to travel without pollution

There are more and more applications for smart mobility. From Muv to Easypark here's how to get around while consuming as few resources as possible.

More and more people are looking for sustainable solutions to get around. Google responds with a green navigator. The new feature was launched in the United States and Canada last year and is now available in 40 European countries including Italy. In addition to the fastest route, it will also be possible to choose the one that has the least impact on the environment.

One way to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Google maps will be able to calculate the most efficient route based on the type of vehicle. For example, if you are traveling with diesel, it will recommend routed routes that allow you to travel at high speeds. Therefore, making the most of the engine's potential.

Google will suggest surface roads for a hybrid or electric vehicle to make the most of regenerative braking. This optimization system is based on information from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) of the United States Department of Energy and the European Environment Agency.

For those who drive electric cars, it will be possible to search charging stations nearby, the app will also report socket types, charging speeds, and real-time availability. Always in a green perspective, Google will also indicate eco-sustainable solutions for overnight stays.

It will show users hotels that meet high sustainability standards such as waste reduction, energy efficiency, and water conservation measures. Google's data already marks a success. The new feature has saved more than half a million tons of carbon dioxide. But Maps isn't the only option for those who choose to travel sustainably.

Easy park

Italian application, available in 200 European cities. It allows you to plan and manage parking lots. A way to save time, money, and fuel, and therefore CO2 emissions. The aim is to create a balance between the supply and demand for parking spaces. Those who own an electric vehicle can also book a stop with recharge with a click.

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Designed for those who own electric cars. Among the main disincentives to adopting EVs is the problem of the columns, also because it is necessary to have a card for each charging circuit. The advantage of Nextcharge is that it offers in a single App the possibility to recharge from the major circuits in Italy: Enel X, Ionity, Neogy, and Recharge. Among the features of Nextcharge, there is also the possibility to leave comments and photographs of the columns used. Particularly useful as many charging points are often closed for maintenance or do not have the power to be compatible with cars.


Do you want to travel in a hybrid or electric taxi? With Apptaxi you can choose green cars. During the booking it allows you to select the type of vehicle on which to travel. It also allows you to know in advance the expected cost of the trip. The app is based on a network of taxi drivers who choose to join the network by obtaining discounts and other benefits.


It was born in 2020 as a spin-off of a Horizon 2020 research project funded by the European Commission. The basic idea is to reward virtuous behavior in transport. Traveling with non-polluting means allows you to collect points, climb the rankings and participate in corporate and local tournaments. To access the rewards you need to track your movements, the more sustainable they are, the faster you climb the rankings of the application.


As MUV, it aims to change the habits of companies, public administrations, and citizens. It uses an algorithm capable of translating the journey traveled into CO2 saved and into points to be used to obtain products and services. The prizes are related to sustainable mobility: folding bicycles or e-bikes, vouchers for car sharing, or tram tickets. The app also displays a ranking to find out who is the greenest in your city.


It connects the parents of children attending the same class. A way to network and optimize travel to and from school. The same car can be used for similar journeys, thus reducing traffic and emissions. The service is also based on a system of points that are assigned to each companion, with which it will be possible to request discount vouchers for the purchase of products or services from Orax partner companies.


Going on foot or by bike to the office is worthwhile. The Jojoba app rewards with "JoJob Gold Leaves", for those who do not use cars to get around. As a reward, there are discounts for ski resorts, amusement parks, and bonuses for hotels and restaurants. The app also incentivizes corporate carpooling. To facilitate the planning of car trips between colleagues. It divides the costs and allows you to send money directly via mobile.

Dev Mobility

The App plans trips and charging stops to increase sustainable mobility. It allows easy access to public and semi-public charging points throughout Europe. It indicates the most convenient routes and draws a route in stages, facilitating the logistics of the routes. The goal is to facilitate the transition to the mobility of the future for all. The sustainable one.

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