2022 is the hottest year ever in Italy, the first 7 hot months: the CNR alarm

2022 is the hottest year ever in Italy, the first 7 hot months: the CNR alarm

The data collected by ISAC-CNR indicate that to date 2022 is the hottest year ever in our country. In the first 7 months, temperatures were higher than average.

If 2022 ended at this moment, we would be in front of the hottest year ever in the history of Italian. For the first seven months of the year, we are doing well + 0,98°C compared to the historical average of the same period. This was announced by the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate of the National Research Council (ISAC-CNR), in its monthly report dedicated to the climate of the Bel Paese.

It is no coincidence that for weeks we have been experiencing a wave of "hyper-extreme heat"Comparable to that of 2003, the hottest year globally since the planet's "fever" is tracked. In Italy, however, the hottest year to date is 2018, which at the end of the 12 months recorded a + 1,58°C compared to the annual average.

The first seven months of the year 2022 have generally recorded very high averages, therefore, if this trend continues even between August and December, it is likely that 2022 will oust 2018 from the top of the ranking. The month of July just ended, for example, was one of the hottest ever since 1800, second only to that recorded in 2003. According to ISAC-CNR data, the temperatures were well + 2,26°C above the reference average.

Among the causes of the heat wave is the bulky presence of African anticyclone, which has taken the place of the much milder anticyclone of the Azores, which decades ago gave us decidedly more pleasant summers. Today he only manages to peep out now and then. This exchange between the two high-pressure air masses is believed to be linked to both natural phenomena, such as the weakening of jet streams, which to anthropogenic phenomena.

2022 is the hottest year ever in Italy

The CO2 emissions (carbon dioxide) and other greenhouse gases, the main catalysts of climate changes, are in fact able to alter the balances of atmospheric cycles and therefore also influence currents and temperatures. Even the weakening of the jet streams could be "helped" by global warming.

Not only July but also Maggio e June was particularly hot compared to the average of the two months, raising the temperature in 2022 almost 1°C above the average since 1800. Interviewed by ANSA, Dr. Michele Brunetti of ISAC-CNR specifies that up to now 2022 has recorded particularly high averages in all months, but this does not mean that at the end of December we will certainly be facing the hottest year in Italy, "because if in the coming month's monthly averages should go down, even the annual one would go down ”, the expert commented.

At the moment we are only on the "good road" (or rather, on the bad road) and we just have to hope that this suffocating heat will subside. The problem with climate change lies in the fact that these heat waves will be more and more frequent and intense in the future, if we do not sharply and drastically cut emissions.

This will consequently also catalyze the increase in average temperatures and with them the risk of increasingly warmer years. For example, a recent study conducted by Climate Central predicted that by 2100 several cities in the United States will have a temperature comparable to that of cities in the United States Middle East such as Dubai and Baghdad.

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